Jasmine Care Home

Care Philosophy

All care staff within the Home will be appropriately trained and qualified to deliver the highest standards of care.

Jasmine House Nursing Home in Hampshire aims to provide service users with a secure, relaxed and homely environment where their care, well-being and comfort are of prime importance.

Carers will preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all service users within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in doing so will be sensitive to medical/therapeutic, cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social needs.

Service users are encouraged to participate in the development of their individual care plans, in which the involvement of family and friends is greatly valued. This will be achieved through programmes of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem and social interaction and with recognition of the following core values of care which are fundamental to the philosophy of our Home.
Jasmine House Nursing Home specialises in dementia, palliative, Alzheimer, cancer, Parkinson’s and diabetic care.

A continuous staff training programme is implemented to ensure that those standards are maintained in line with the latest initiatives and developments in care practices, as may be laid down in appropriate legislation and Care Quality Commission guidelines.


Privacy & Dignity

We will retain resident’s privacy and dignity through:

  • Supporting service users to personalise and equip their rooms as they wish.
  • Providing keys to resident’s rooms and a secure place for their valuables.
  • Giving privacy during visiting, making of telephone calls, opening/reading mail.
  • Securing all service users records and information and respecting confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).
  • Treating service users as individuals.
  • Assisting service users to maintain dignity through their personal appearance and behaviour.
  • Promoting activities that encourage service users to express themselves.
  • Helping service users overcome any shortcomings they may experience through their age or disabilities and focussing on their strengths and abilities.


At Jasmine House Nursing Home we recognise the importance for all service users to retain their independence and the challenges that group living can give. We will encourage service users to act and think as an individual by supporting them to:

  • Maximise the opportunities for self-care.
  • Retain financial independence.
  • Take reasonable risks.
  • Retain contacts outside the Home and involve family and friends in their life at Manor Place.
  • Contribute to the records of their own care and to express their views in this respect.
  • Focus on their interests, preferences, strengths and abilities.
Freedom of choice

Freedom of Choice

At Jasmine House Nursing Home we recognise that every service user should have the opportunity to choose a Home which will meet their individual, needs. They should be given the opportunity to exercise their right of choice in all aspects of daily living. To facilitate that choice will we:

  • Provide comprehensive information about Jasmine House Nursing Home and the quality of services and care available.
  • Provide each service user with a contract/statement of terms and conditions of residency.
  • Carry out a needs assessment on each service user prior to admission.
  • Demonstrate to each individual we can meet his or her assessment needs.
  • Offer visits to prospective service users and their families.
  • Provide a range of meals service users can choose from and allow them to decide where and when they consume their food of choice.
  • Continually offer a wide range of social and leisure activities.
  • Avoid strict routines and maintain maximum flexibility in their daily life.